Employer's review

Kalieva E.I.
Director at the NCPD "Orleu" IPDPE of Mangistau region

As a representative of the employer, I got acquainted with the educational program in the specialty “Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education” of the Department of “Pedagogical Technologies”. The department conducts bachelor’s and master’s programs in both specialties, as well as doctoral studies “Pedagogy and Psychology” in accordance with modern requirements. educational programs fully cover the recommendations of employers and students. I am sure that graduates of these specialties will have versatile, creative and spiritually rich personalities. Good luck to the team!

Teacher's review

Buyukliev N.P.
Professor of the Varna Free University named after Chernorizets Khrabr Republic of Bulgaria

As a foreign teacher, I am pleased to note that the work of the department is focused on the integration of pedagogical knowledge with real life, increasing the scientific potential of students, developing professional competence, mobility and creativity among future specialists. The scientific priorities of the teaching staff of the department cover a wide range of their vision of all problems. This allows us to conclude that the logical sequence of training of highly qualified personnel is observed.

Graduate’s review

Zhansaya Kuatkyzy
Yessenov University, Lecturer at the Department of Pedagogical Technologies, Graduate of 2017

Since I havestudied at  the Yessenov University, I started a big life. I will not be mistaken to say that these were the most exciting times in my life. It was exciting to study different sciences. With the help of many qualified teachers, I think I was able to understand what I needed. Currently, the university is undergoing positive changes. I think that Yessenov University opens up many opportunities for students.

Employer's review

Izturganova Zhaina Amanzhanovna
Director of PSI "Secondary school No. 29 named after F. Ongarsynova"

As an employer, I believe that attracting qualified specialists to the school is the main rule for improving the quality of education. And therefore, to conduct practice at our school we maintain constant creative and business relations with  the Department of Kazakh Philology at the local university, the Caspian State University of Technologies and Engineering named after Sh. Yessenov,. The department is distinguished by stable indicators in the quality training and education of educated, competent specialists. At the university, the classrooms  meet modern requirements for the students, and teachers are highly erudite professors and the best specialists in their field, skillfully applying the methodology of quality education.

Teacher's review

Orkhan Soylemez
professor at the Kastamoni University of the Republic of Turkey

The department “Kazakh Philology” within the framework of the university as a department with high scientific potential, scientific, methodological, educational work has become a center for the development of the state language, education, The department “Kazakh Philology” trained the  specialists, recognized not only at the regional, but also at the Republican level. The department “Kazakh Philology” is working on the introduction of academic mobility. Among other foreign educational institutions  the International Cooperation Agreement was signed with the Kastamoni University of the Republic of Turkey. I am convinced that the Department of Kazakh Philology will continue to demonstrate high results in quality education, conscious education, training of qualified scientific personnel, especially the Kazakh language as a means of mastering a profession, as a language of scientific knowledge that meets the main requirements of global educational standards.

Graduate’s review

Aigul Talysova
University graduate, 2008

I, Talysova Aigul, graduated from the Caspian State University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh. Yessenov in 2008 with a degree in Kazakh language and literature:  The teachers of the department “Kazakh Language and Literature” gave us not only education, but also were able to instill in  the skills of real pedagogical skills for us, the teaching staff  became a model of the Teacher for us. I express my deep gratitude to my curator, dear teacher Otarova Akmaral, as well as our teachers Ayapbergenov Rakhmet(the deceased, rest in peace), Kabylov Adilet, Duysenbayeva Zhanbibi, Nurdauletova Bibiaysha, Koshimova Bibatpf, Abisheva Sharapat – real experts in their field, noble personalities, and I am proud that it was these eminent people who taught us the basics of Pedagogics and knowledge of the native language. Thanks to their training, I mastered one of the honorable professions, found my place in life, got a decent job and I am  always ready to serve my Motherland.

Foreign scientist’s review

Shiryaeva T.A.
Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (Russia)

As part of academic mobility, I was invited by the university leadership to the Department of English Philology.

The department clearly follows its goal – to ensure the educational process and research activities in the field of methods of teaching foreign languages. The department employs teachers with high quality language training. Many have completed internships and  professional development trainings in Kazakhstan and through the Yessenov Foundation and received international certificates.

Graduate’s review

Konyrbayeva Aigul Zhadyrasynovna
Graduated from Aktau State University named after Sh Yessenov, specialising in "Foreign language: two foreign languages" in 1998. Currently Konyrbayeva Aigul works in LLP "Joint venture" Arman "as a specialist in personnel management.

The department of “English Philology” is the ultimate dream of many yesterday’s schoolchildren. In such a department, you can deeply study several languages: English as the main and second language related to your choice. Although I graduated from the specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages”, this did not prevent me from working now as a translator. As a rule, my duties include translating texts from one language into another. The organization where I work with foreigners always needs specialists to ensure an effective communication process.

Employer's review

Mukhanova Zh.B.
Director of GES №28

As a representative of the employer, I got acquainted with the educational program 6B01506-Geography. The main goal of the educational program 6B01506-Geography is the continuous and systematic training of highly qualified specialists with deep fundamental, natural science and information knowledge in the specialty “Geography” for the implementation of pedagogical support for the learning process, the implementation of educational and scientific and innovative activities with students in secondary schools establishments. In general, the educational program 6B01506-Geography is well-written and it meets modern requirements.

Kenzhebekova Dina Tilekbaykyzy
Director of Director of GES №8, Munayly district

The educational program 6B01505-Biology contributes to the preparation of competitive professional teachers with higher education in the field of education. The qualified teaching staff of the department annually replenishes educational institutions with new graduates. I wish the graduates of the program good luck in their professional development!

Graduate’s review

Duysenova Nurzhaugan Ybyrayimkyzy
MES RK SC RSE "Mangyshlak Experimental Botanical Garden" Head of the Laboratory "Flower Growing", Ph.D.

The educational program 6B01505 – “Biology” prepares competitive, creative professional teachers with higher education in the field of education. I hope that many years of experience and dedication of the teaching staff of the university will contribute to the further development of the spiritual and intellectual level of your new students. I would also like to say to new university students: you have chosen a worthy educational institution, I wish you good luck in your professional development!

Kystaubaev Darkhan
director of the Kulandy secondary school. Graduate 2010

I am sincerely glad that I was educated at the KSTIU named after Sh. Yessenov. I am grateful to the teaching staff of the university, who made a great contribution to become a professional specialist. I also thank the administration of the management staff of the university, who created the opportunities and conditions for me to become a person.

Foreign scientist’s review

Tsaregorodtseva Svetlana Sergeevna - (Crimea, Yalta)

In 2011-2013, while working under the academic mobility program at the Sh. Yessenov KSUTI, I discovered Western Kazakhstan with its extraordinary beauty, holiness and huge economic and potential. In our time, teaching language disciplines is to go “up the stairs leading down.” But the strong staff of the Department of Russian Philology not only always “walked up the stairs”, but also led the students.

Alexander Kiklevich
Doctor of Philology, Professor Olsztyn, Poland

I carefully studied the educational program in the Russian language, developed by a team of employees of the Russian Philology Department. It can be seen that the program is carefully thought out. It corresponds to the principle of systematic university education – it includes subjects of the philological and general education cycle (such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, political science, cultural studies), covers the most important areas of philological knowledge, and provides training at the theoretical and practical level. There is no doubt that the program meets modern requirements.

Graduate’s review

Tanatarov Rustem Tanatarovich
well-known host and event organizer

“I am a 1999 graduate of the specialty “Russian Language and Literature in Non-Russian Language Schools”. As you can see, I do not work in my specialty, but I use the skills acquired during the years of study at the university.

I wonder, out of 10 students in our group, only 6 people work in the education system. The other four are a showman, an entrepreneur, a translator and an archivist. And everywhere basic competencies help – the ability to build communication, competent writing and the ability to work with texts.

Employer's review

Tilekbayeva Ainur Amangeldievna
Deputy Director for Innovation, School № 22 named after S. Kondybay

Five years of study at the university was very interesting and difficult for me. Yessenov University taught not only at a high level, but also the university taught me to master organizational skills and communication skills in practice  and also improved my business skills, and also taught me how to work with documents in an organization.

Graduate’s review

Doskalieva Gaukhar Zhylkibaevna
Teacher secondary school №29 Graduate 2005

Five years of study at the university were very interesting and difficult for me. Yessenov University taught not only at a high level, but also taught me to master organizational skills and communication skills in practice. I improved  my business skills, and also the university  taught me how to work with documents in an organization.

I can say that thanks to the qualified specialists of the department, I clearly mastered my professional activities and skills. As a professional, I believe with confidence that I made the right choice.

Employer's review

Kurazova Zauresh Zhauynbaevna
Director of the specialized physical and mathematical school № 11, Aktau

Considering that advanced technologies in the field of education will bring significant changes in the style of thinking and methodology of future teachers, we are working closely with the Department of Fundamental Sciences of the Caspian State Technologies and Engineering University named after  Sh. Yessenov. The school I lead has a high level of teaching mathematics, physics and computer science. In turn, At the faculty of the Department of Fundamental Sciences highly qualified professionals work  with in-depth knowledge and skills, they constantly improve new technological skills  in accordance with modern requirements, changes in curricula by specialists.

We hope that in the future we will be able to continue and expand cooperation with the staff of the department, providing graduates with a quality world-class education and providing them with competitiveness with the inclinations of leadership.

Zhuzbergenov Samat Kanatovich
director of the secondary school named after S. Kondybay.

The first argument is evidence of popularity among the country called Yessenov University, secondly, the contingent is increasing every year, and thirdly, most graduates are employed and it shows that they are competent specialists. The experience of the teaching staff of the university, their scientific works are known to Kazakhstan. This is evidenced by the achievements of thousands of students who studied with these teachers on the way to knowledge and science. Good luck to the Yessenov University team!

Graduate’s review

Primbetova Gulzhan Serikbaevna
Candidate of Pediatric Sciences, Head of the Department of Educational and Methodological Work of the University "Turan" (Almaty), "Honorary Worker of Education"

The educational program 6B01501-Mathematics will prepare a mathematician who is in demand in all areas of science, production, information technology, financial institutions and management, as well as solve the problem of a shortage of personnel in this area in our region.

I am sure that the faculty of the university, having many years of experience, will make a huge contribution to the further development of the spiritual and intellectual level of your future students. As a graduate of this university, I want to say to the youth who have become students: You have chosen a worthy educational institution, we wish you success in your professional development!

Demegenov Bauyrzhan
Caspian State University of Technologies and Engineering named after Sh. Yessenov, Faculty of Education, Master of the Department of Natural Sciences

The educational program 7M01502-Physics trains specialists who are fluent in modern physics and pedagogical science in the field of education and science. The teaching staff of our university share many years of experience,  they have achieved good results in the preparation of competitive personnel. At present, in accordance with the requirements of education, pedagogical workers must be comprehensively developed and creative. I think that graduates studying at our university will acquire  these qualities. In addition, I wish success to the incoming applicants of Yessenov University. There is no barrier to talent! Everything ahead!!!