The club «Modern dance»

Modern dance is a great way not only to show yourself on the dance floor, but also to get to know yourself better, to plunge into the depths of consciousness. Modern dance is the transfer of understanding of the world through the prism of modernity – pop music, mainstream, dress style, relaxed.

Head: Daulet Balabay

The club «Kazakh dance»

Dance is an art demonstrated by body movements in accordance with the musical rhythm. The activity of people in the daily work process, sensations and impressions from the world around, were the basis of dance movements and dances. The representation of natural phenomena, scenes of hunting and war with rhythmic movements entered into the known system, originated in antiquity from the requirements of life. Dance choreography through compact images embodies being and reflects the inner soul of man.

Head: Orynbasarova Kamshat Ainuratovna

The club «dombra»

Dombra, one of the musical instruments that was created with our people from time immemorial, became his spiritual soul mate. It is therefore necessary to be flexible, committed, patient and tolerant. In the Dombrovsky Club, students understand the intricacies of the dombra instrument and learn dombra.

Head: Izimova Almagul Adilbiyevna

The club «Zhaidarman»

Club of humorists and intellectuals» Jaidarman” aimed at strengthening sovereignty and stability, unification of spiritual and cultural consolidation of our people and continuity of generations – popularization of political reforms in the country, education of youth in culture, Raising its intellectual level and contributing to the development of society and the right direction in life, as well as the ability of young people to find their proper place in life.

Head: Bazarbay Bauyrzhan

Circle “Drawing and Fine Arts”

The head of the circle “Drawing and Fine Art” – Kaldybaev Sagynbay Pirnazarovich – is a winner of republican and regional competitions and an artisan.

Participating in a circle, students, developing drawing skills, will analyze the works of world artists and fully dominate this area. Students will also be provided with participation in city, regional and republican competitions.