All victories begin with a victory over yourself!

Mass sports and recreation work is an important part of physical education for students. Independent physical exercise, sports and tourism, as well as physical culture and sports activities significantly increase the participation of students, postgraduate students, teachers and employees in recreational, physical culture and sports events, conducted not only by the university, but also beyond it. A great place in the work of the Department of Physical Education takes the educational and training activities of various sections.

The main areas of work of sports sections are: health (health promotion), educational (acquisition of special skills) and diagnostic (assessment of health and physical qualities).

The sectional classes solve the following tasks: Improving the process of physical education; Improving the educational and training process in sports aimed at achieving high results; Developing the need for a healthy lifestyle; Participation in independent exercise and sports.

The University has the necessary base for sports and mass work. There are 2 gyms, gym, 1 wrestling hall, swimming pool, sports ground for football, tennis hall, boxing hall.


We do our best so that our players of different backgrounds can shine on the football fields and lead our team to victory. We have experienced coaches, there is a football field in front of the hostel.
Football passion boils all year round not only in students, but also in the teaching environment. We welcome it! The University Championship among student teams is held regularly, as well as match meetings with the participation of teachers. This allows for informal communication, which undoubtedly contributes to a more productive relationship between professors and students.

Coach: Karshygayev Meiyrbek


Basketball is a game that combines a powerful sports training component, team spirit, passion for victory and excitement.
All groups of muscles are involved, not for nothing the basketball player’s body is trained very proportionally: and arms, legs, shoulder belt, abs – all to be in a tight state, and all this crowns perfect posture, no matter how tall the athlete. Everyone knows that basketball players are traditionally tall, but this is when it comes to professionals. At university, the Basketball section is happy for everyone. The main thing we expect from our students is the desire to play and attend training.

Coach: Aidarbek Adilkazy


Our university employs experienced trainers who can achieve the victory of their students; therefore, if you want to feel confident in the ring, you will find a worthy rival and improve your technique. Among our students and graduates there are athletes, whom we are proud of: Adilbek Niyazyambetov, Bekzad Nurdaulett, Aibold Durenuly etc. We are waiting for you, come and train!!

Coach: Murat Kydyrali


The popularity of volleyball is easy to explain: it is difficult to find a man who in his life has never played ball. In one form or another: in the playground, in the yard, in the school, in the gym – everyone played ball, tossed it to each other, and it gave so much pleasure that the game grew together with the participants, And every chance they get, they keep going to the playground and jumping after the ball.

Coach: Seydaliev Kenessary

Togyzkumalak and athletics

The game is played by two people on a special board. The playing field consists of October 2, 18 cells, 162 cells. At the beginning of the game, each player has one pot and eighty-one pot, nine of which are placed in each of the nine pots.
The age of the mind making the first step – the beginning, the age of the returning heart – is called carpentry. Sometimes we use the expressions «white side» for beginners and «black side» for carpenters.

Athletics is the most popular sport. This is running and walking at various distances, jumping in length and height, throwing sports equipment, and athletic all-round. Athletics competitions are divided into individual, team and relay events, held in open and closed (playgrounds). The International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) was founded in 1912.

Coach: Ayapbergenova Botagoz


You will discover a new world in which you will find the answers to many questions!

Fitness yoga is one of the most popular yoga destinations in our time. For a person to live happily ever after, his body must be healthy, and his inner state calm and peaceful. We are waiting for you, come and practice!!

Coach: Belkina Ksenia



 Everyone knows the benefit of being in the water in a horizontal position: the human body «rests» from gravity: relieves the load on the spine, and on all the departments associated with it, improves the mood, and calms. Educational activity involves long sitting, tension of the cervical spine, lumbar… All this can lead to headaches, impaired vision, fatigue, etc. unpleasant consequences. Swimming will help avoid all this. Going to the pool in the evening and swimming after a busy student day – what can be more pleasant and useful? You’ll leave the pool with another person – rested, invigorated, fit.

Coach: Akhmetova Dana

Table tennis

 Playing table tennis, you are unlikely to become an athlete or speedrunner. But do not underestimate this game. During the match, a person makes a large number of different movements: performs pitches and blows on the ball, always moving, being in some springing state, at which the whole body is tense. And all because table tennis requires a quick reaction, expressed in clever precise movements, for which acrobatic flexibility is often needed. Here are some numbers: During one hand, the player performs 15-20 innings, performs 60-150 beats, moves 15-20 times and leans over the ball.

Coach: Arzubekov Kaiyrbek)


We are pleased to welcome you to the chess club, and we have something to offer everyone: on the level of skill, on interests, and, of course, on the competitive process! Everyone who wishes to participate in competitions to hone their skills, enjoy the taste of struggle and victory, because chess is a real sport, though with elements of science and art. We are waiting for you, come and practice!!

Coach: Karlenov Duissenbek

Judo and Kazakh wrestling

Judo classes contribute to the harmonious spiritual development of those involved, as they stimulate a positive approach to events, require discipline, perseverance, respect for etiquette, understanding the relationship between success and the efforts necessary to achieve it
Kazakh wrestling – Kazakh national wrestling. Kazakh wrestling is one of the oldest sports of the Kazakh people. This martial art is in great demand in Kazakhstan, and competitions in Kazakh wrestling are held during holidays and ceremonies. 1938. Participated in the Republican competition program. In 2016, UNESCO values the principles of tolerance, good solidarity, based on the principles of relations between peoples.

Coach:Tamirtassov Zhandos

Lawn tennis and Handball

Handball (hand and ball) is a team game with a ball of 7 on 7 players (6 field and goalkeeper in each team). [2] Play with your hands. The goal of the game is to throw the ball as many times as possible into the opponent’s goal (3 m 2 m). There are two 30-minute halves and a 15-minute hiatus.

Coach: Rahim Bekzat