Yedilkhanova Svetlana Alqazhanovna, Assistant professor

Yedilkhanova Svetlana Alqazhanovna

Position: Associate Professor of the Department of “History”
Academic degree: Candidate of Historical Sciences
Disciplines taught: History of Kazakhstan, New History of Kazakhstan, Sacred Mangistau, Historiography
Scientific interests: The history of medieval Mangystau, Historiography of the interrelations of nomadic peoples in the XVII-XVIII centuries, Ancient historiography.
1. “The problem of the relationship of the peoples of Asia in some Russian and Kalmyk studies” // Materials of the international scientific and practical conference “Kazhymov Readings-1: Problems of the formation of universal values in the education system in the context of world culture”, ZKITU, Uralsk, November 20, 2018, pp.430-431.
2. “The relationship between Kazakhs and Bashkirs in the context of foreign political relations” “Historian. Source. Politics” International scientific conference dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the famous Russian historian-archaeographer A. P. Chuloshnikov, Ufa, June 5-7, 2019, pp. 235-239.
3. “Problems of local lore in scientific research of S. Kondybai” // “Bulletin of ZKITU” scientific journal, June, 2019, pp.100-104.
4. “Orenburg and the Kazakh intelligentsia of the early twentieth century” // “Kazakh intelligentsia on the way to national independence: the first quarter of the twentieth century”, 2019, December 12, Uralsk;
5. “Anthropogenesis of Mangystau in the most ancient period. Features of development” // “Science and education in the global world” International Scientific and Practical Conference. Uralsk, October 19-20, 2020, pp. 352-355
6. “Similarities and differences in the legal codes of Kazakhs, Dzungars and Kalmyks” // “Turkology and Mongolistics in the XXI century: past, present, future”, international scientific and practical conference November 20, 2020;
7. “Migration of the Kalmyks-Torgouts to the territory of the Qing Empire in 1771” // History of the Kazakhs, No. 4(193), July-August 2021;
8. “Legal problems in relations between Kazakhs and Dzungars” // History of Kazakhs, No. 4, July-August 2023;

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