Svetlana Yedilkhanova


Position: Senior Lecturer of the Department of History of Kazakhstan;

Scientific title: candidate of historical sciences;

Subjects: Modern history of Kazakhstan, “Sacral Mangistau”;

Research interests: historiography, historiography of foreign countries, relationship between Kazakhs and Dzungars, similarity in the laws of nomadic peoples;

Monograph: “Relations between Kazakhs and Dzungars in the 17th-18th centuries. (Some historiographic aspects of the problem). Dyke-Press, 2005. At the Institute of Oriental Studies named after RB Suleimenov. Reviewer – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Prof. Abuseitova M.Kh .;


“The problem of relations between the peoples of Asia in some Russian and Kalmyk studies” “The relationship of Kazakhs and Bashkirs in the context of external political relations” // “Historian. A source. Politics “atty belgili reseilik tarikhshi-archaeographer A.P. Chuloshnikovtyk 125 zhyldykyn arnalgan khalygaralyk qylymi conferences, Ufa, May 5-7, 2019; “WITH. Oondybaidyk Gylymi zertteulerindegi ulketanu muselesi ” “Orynbor zhune XX kasyrdyk basyndagy kazak ziyalylary” “Similarities and differences in the legal codes of Kazakhs, Dzungars and Kalmyks” // “Turkology and Mongolistics in the XXI century: past, present, future” Khalygaralyk Gylymi conferences, 20 Karash, 2020; “Kalmak-torgauyttardyң 1771 zhyly Qing empiresynyk territory of the son of koshuі” // Kazakh tarikhy, no. 4 (193), shilde-tamyz 2021.

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