Sholpan Saparbaykyzy, Associate Professor

Sholpan Saparbaykyzy


Position: Associate Professor of the Department ofPedagogy
Academic degree: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, (acting Associate Professor)
Educational disciplines: “pedagogy”, “Ethnopedagogy”, “teaching methods of teaching teachers”, theory of teaching, education
Scientific interests: modern training in education. Innovative teaching methods.
1.monograph” Galym – Ustaz ” dedicated to the teaching life and scientific work of B. Baimuratova. 2. Ethnopedagogy. methodical manual. Aktau (2013).
3. methods of Education theory. (in the author’s Association) Electronic textbook (2016)
3. on the basis of the Cultural Heritage program of the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (scientific project in the author’s Association) “the place of the cycle of poems” forty heroes of Crimea” in the history of Kazakh culture and national unity ” (agreement No. 1667. 12-2014).
4.” material and intangible historical and cultural heritage of the Mangistau region (ethnographic, ethnoarchae-ologic, etymological, Toponi-mic, historical and architectural, Arabo-graphic research) ” (scientific project in the author’s Association).Contract No. 35 2018).
5. copyright certificates (2019, 2020, 2023).
6.the scientific project “AP08856996 conceptual space of sacred texts in the Mangystau region (zhyrau texts, epita-phial written texts, petroglyphs)”, funded by the grant of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, will be held in the auto association 2020-2022.
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2022 ISBN 978-601-308-718-4
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13. Criteria Evaluation in the Formation of student Competencies. Pages 131-135. Journal of Intellekectual Disability Diagnosis and Treatment \ Volume 6 Number 3. 2018.
14. Professional competencies in the structure of the personality of a university teacher. AD ALTA: Journal of nterdis- ciplinary research. ISSN 1804-7890, ISSN 2464-6733 (ONLINE) AD ALTA IS A PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL SCOPE. 2 issues per volume and special issues.10.2020 63-70 с

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