Tokashova Gulnaz Zhetkizgenova, Assistant professor

Tokashova Gulnaz Zhetkizgenova

Position: teacher of the Department “Pedagogy and Psychology”
Academic degree: Master of Pedagogical Sciences
Subjects taught: “Emotional intelligence”, “Pedagogy”, “Introduction to the pedagogical profession”, “Ethics of pedagogical communication”, etc
Research interests: assessment in the educational process, pedagogical measurements, career guidance
1. Technology for the prevention of dysgraphia in primary schoolchildren (Бастауыш мектеп оқушыларының дисграфияны алдын алу технологиясы) -Vol. 14 No. 5 (September, 2022) World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues( Scopus)
2. the problem of psychological management of innovative educational processes in primary school -bulletin of KazNPU. Abaya, Psychology series No. 1(74), 2023 (KKSON) https://bulletin-psychology
3. Psychological aspects of adolescents’ dependence on Internet games-bulletin of KazNPU im. Abaya, Psychology Series No. 3 (72), 2022 (KKSON) https://bulletin-psychology
4. psychological features of prevention of suicidal behavior among adolescents-bulletin of KazNPU im. Abaya, Psychology Series No. 1(70), 2022 (KKSON) https://bulletin-psychology
5. the content of the development of legal culture of students in extracurricular activities -International Scientific Journal No. 12/3 (149) 2020

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