Otessova Gulnar, Assistant professor

Otessova Gulnar

gulnar.otessova @yu.edu.kz

Position: senior Lecturer at the Department of History
Disciplines taught: Modern history of Kazakhstan, History of the countries of Asia and Africa in the Middle Ages, modern history of the countries of Asia and Africa
Academic degree: 
Scientific interests: History of Mangistau
Awards: 1. YU 45th Anniversary Medal, 2021
1.Muhamedzhan Seralin’s social activities Ult ulagat republican // magazine No. 3 of 2018
2. The unrecognized noble man Republican scientific methodical pedagogical work // Education times magazine №5 (21) 2019
3. The development of fisheries in Mangystau, materials of the international scientific and practical conference within the framework of the program “Orientation to the Future: Spiritual Revival” entitled “I International Esenov Studies”, October 18-19, 2018
4. Materials of the international scientific-practical conference “Spiritual heritage of the Turkic peoples and Mangistau Zhyrau tradition”, Esbol Omirbayev, local historian, February 27, 2019
5. Isa – Dosan Uprising Struggle for National Independence Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Spiritual Heritage of Turkic Peoples and Mangistau Zhirau Tradition”, February 27, 2019
6. Political and social activities of Abish Kekilbaev. Materials of the International Congress of Literary and Artistic Figures dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Abish Kekilbayuly, People’s Writer, State and Public Figure, Labor of the Republic of Kazakhstan, October 11, 2019.
7. Kazakh genius Nursultan Nazarbayev. Education times magazine #4. 2020.2 page.
8. Study of the history of the Golden Horde, regional student online conference “The Great Steppe: cultural heritage and the Golden Horde in world history”.
9. Dancer Isa Tilenbaev from Mangistau. Republican conference on the theme of Kazakhstan – the cradle of the Turkic world. Arkalik November 12, 2021
10. Exploring Al-Farabi’s legacy.Materials of the intra-university weekly “Great thinker, scholar – Al-Faribi’s foundations of wisdom” February 27 – April 23, 2020. 41 pages
11. “It is our duty to pay homage to the souls of innocent victims”! Altyn Kalem republican – scientific methodical magazine, 2022.66 pages
12. “Our Curator” Golden pen. Republican scientific and methodical journal. 2022 1(1) 68 pages
13. HoIy pIaces are the pride of the nation. Altyn Kalem. Republican scientific methodical journal. 2022 1(1) 70 pages
14. Orazmaganbet Turmaganbetuly, the only child of Mangistau Didactics Almaty 04(01) 2023

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