The purpose of educational program 6B01401 – Physical Education and Sport:

The main objectives of the educational program 6B01401 – Physical Education and Sport:

– the formation of fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for professional activities;

– the formation of environmental, physical and ethical, legal culture and a culture of thinking;

– the formation of universal and socio-personal values;

– education of youth in the spirit of patriotism, friendship and tolerance of the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Includes general scientific, sociocultural and professional competencies to achieve the objectives of the educational program.


– compliance of educational services with national and international standards;

– The formation of the international image of the university as a leading educational, scientific and sports center in the west of the country;

– Creation of modern educational, scientific and sports facilities and conditions providing high quality educational and social services.


Ensuring high-quality training of specialists in the field of physical education and sports, meeting the needs of the labor market and meeting international educational standards that can actively influence the socio-economic development of the Mangistau region.

Features of the educational program 6B01401 – Physical Education and Sport:

Study of the development of sports tourism in the Mangistau region;

development of sports hiking, taking into account its natural features;

The development of extreme tourism, boating and other types of active tourism in the Mangistau region.

Functions of professional activity:

– Conducting educational, educational, sports, organizational, mass and recreational activities as a teacher and teacher of physical education and physical education;

– organization and conduct of work in sports groups in preschool institutions

as a sports coach;

– providing the educational process with scientifically sound means and methods of training and rehabilitation;

– refereeing and conducting competitions in physical education and sports in sports facilities, clubs, institutions.

Student Results:

After completing the curriculum in the specialty 6B01401 – Physical Education and Sports, the bachelor of education in 6B01401 – Physical Culture and Sports, which has fundamental knowledge and a broad outlook, is able to adapt to changing labor market and technological requirements, will be able to work as a team, to be a specialist